Firenzo Woodfire Range

Firenzo woodfires are engineered with advanced burn technology to provide maximum heat, optimum efficiency and cleaner expelled air.

For a woodfire to burn efficiently, the air supply must be controlled. Firenzo’s unique air supply system converts incoming cold air into a three way air supply which automatically channels air within the firebox so it is preheated to 300 degrees before entering the insulated combustion chamber.

The unique design of this air supply forms Firenzo’s superior combustion system that generates 1,000 degrees of heat from the least amount of fuel.

Every one of Firenzo’s woodfires are handcrafted from robust, superior quality materials then meticulously checked and tested before leaving the factory. This means we can offer you a woodfire that is so exceptional in heating performance and dependability – they come with a TEN year guarantee with FIVE years on the Multi-fuels.

  • Freestanding Woodfires – Rural Living – Properties over 2 hectares – download brochure here
  • Freestanding Woodfires – Urban Living – Properties under 2 hectares – download brochure here
  • Insert Woodfires – download brochure here

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Please note pricing & availability are subject to change – please call 04 526 2001 or email [email protected] to confirm.