Pyroclassic Woodfire Range

If you want the best in burning technology, combined with the versatility of more than 200 colour variations, a low emissions burner from Pyroclassic Fires might be just what you need!

The Pyroclassic ceramic fire chamber retains heat like a kiln. This impressive heat pyroclassic imagestorage capacity means you can enjoy the convenience of extended burn times and a consistent release of heat. Reload less and stay warm for longer with a fuel efficiency rate of only 0.9kg per hour*.

With the inception of the new Pyroclassic Mini this season, smaller homes can now reap the benefits of this unique wood burner. For medium to large homes, the Pyroclassic IV delivers up to 15kW of space heating with an extra-large cooktop and can be fitted with a high output wetback for all your domestic hot water needs.

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Please note pricing & availability are subject to change – please call 04 526 2001 or email¬†[email protected] to confirm.