Chimney Sweeps

Once your fire is installed it will require a chimney sweep at least once a year. Maybe more depending on your wood and how you use your fire.

We prefer to do our chimney sweeps over the summer months – as I am sure you understand – after this time we must provide the installation service to customers who are putting in a new fire for the cooler months.

Summer is the best time to have your fire swept, if any parts are required – these can be provided in plenty of time to ensure that your fire is ready to go when we get our first cold snap.

In the case of a pellet fire – we have all the gear to ensure that your fire is tuned to ensure effective use for the winter to come (we have a magnehelic gauge to ensure that the airflow is set correctly)

Just email us with your details – [email protected] – single storey or two, type of fire, replacement parts required etc and we can go from there.

sweep image